Elmsett Methodist Church

Elmsett Methodist Church is situated at the corner of Hadleigh Road and Whatfield Road in the village of Elmsett just outside the market town of Hadleigh and about eight miles from Ipswich.







There has been a Methodist Chapel in Elmsett since 1858. The first was a small building nearly opposite the present village hall.


This was replaced in 1962 by a new building on the corner of Hadleigh Road.  The Land, upon which it is built, was kindly donated by the Ladbrook family.  Anyone, who drives through the village, especially at night, cannot help but notice the magnificent multi-coloured windows when lit from the inside.


Apart from regular Sunday worship a multitude of activities take place there and it has served the people of Elmsett and the surrounding area well since the early 1960's.


As extensive roof repairs were needed it was thought prudent to extend the premises at the same time.  The extra space would not only be useful for Sunday School, Girls Brigade and Ranger Boys but also community work...and who knows what God has in store for the future?


The building is now in full use, with the debt repaid, and work continues to improve the furnishings and fittings!.